Institution Plans 2023-2028


  • Establish a monthly newsletter to disseminate Institute information and activities (2023)
  • Establish (a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal): Journal of Social Research & Justice (2023-24)
  • The Omar B. Sey Foreign Policy Chair
  • Construction of The Nyang-Sanneh Institute complex (2024-29)

What will the Nyang-Sanneh Institute Focus on in the Next Ten Years?

(a)   Building a strong applied-research base to support government policy decisions

(b)  Advocate/support reparations for victims/reconciliation, institutional reforms of the TRRC Recommendations

(c)   Support Diaspora Deportees resettlement, Diaspora Representation/vote/investments

(d)  Raising funds to support Institute programs and activities

(e)   Mentoring and career service counselling for young professionals and students